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10:35 08/31/2017

Teenage girl's terrified last message hours before she went missing in Houston floods

The teenager was swept away along with five members of her family: Facebook
The teenager was swept away along with five members of her family: Facebook

A 16-year-old girl left a terrified final Facebook post before going missing in the Houston floods.

Devy Saldivar is thought to have been killed along with her siblings and great-grandparents after their van was submerged.

Just hours before she went missing the teenager wrote: “No sleep & anxiety, please let this pass sooner.”

Devy was travelling in a van along with her great-grandparents and younger siblings Daisy, 6, Xavier, 8, and Dominic, 14, when they were swept away while trying to escape the rising water levels.

Devy’s great-uncle, Sammy, was driving the Saldivar family to safety when they got into trouble.

Sammy managed to escape but Manuel Saldivar, 84, and his wife, Belia, 81 and the children were unable to get out, witnesses and family members have said.

One family member told the Washington Post: “He could hear the kids screaming but couldn't push the doors open. That’s what he keeps hearing in his head. And the van just went underwater and was gone.”

Sammy was forced to hold onto the branch of a nearby tree until he was rescued by police, who have confirmed the incident on social media.

Devy and her family have been included by Houston authorities as among the latest death tolls and their van has still yet to be found, although some family members still hope they will be found safe.

The children's school district took to social media to pass on their condolences. Pasadena Independent School District said: "ISD's heart is heavy as we have learned that four Pasadena ISD students and two of their great-grand parents were swept away by the floodwaters of Greens Bayou while trying to escape the floodwaters of Harvey.”

Over 9 trillion gallons of water has been dropped as a result of Hurricane Harvey and local officials in Texas have reported at least 30 confirmed and suspected flood-related deaths

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