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Name Golden Autumn
Artist Isaac Levitan
Year 1895
Media Oil paint
Dimensions 82x126cm
Location Tretyakov museum.

Golden Autumn

   In the middle of 1890s, Isaac Levitan drew some lyric paintings. Among them, the outstanding was Golden Autumn. The famous painting Golden Autumn was created in 1895. The painting was full of sunshine and its blue sky floated the white clouds, like breathing. The sun went through the clouds and shined in the same blue shiny brook. The field was changing from green to yellow and the leaves had become yellow. The clearly visible strokes unleashed the surging passion of the painter’s heart.

Levitan used robust strokes and colors to highly summarize the description of the Russian gold autumn landscape. This landscape painting was a song of autumn. An invigorating autumn climate made the viewers feel fresh. Now it is collected in Moscow’s Tretyakov Art Museum. Under the blue sky, the leaves of the fall birch trees sounded like a gold foil. All the plants in the field were painted the golden yellow. The water in the river reflected the blue

indicated the upcoming natural process: leaves covered the underground, grass became yellow. So, when the viewers felt happy and joyful, they also felt regretful and sad, which people often experienced in the autumn. You see, Levitan not only depicted the beautiful golden autumn in this landscape painting, but also showed the experience and feelings that people had when appreciating the painting. So this landscape painting made people feel warm.