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Shopping - German
Juwelo is a shopping TV channel offering jewelry (jewellery) and gemstones.
List of shopping channels
AAN TV Agro Canal (Brazil) Beauty IQ Caribbean Shopping Channel Channel 21 (Germany)
Chengsin TV Deals TV EHS (Eastern Home Shopping / 東森購物) EHS ch46 EHS ch47
EHS ch60 Fuly Satellite TV Gem Network HSE 24 HSN
Ideal World Japanet Channel DX Jewellery Maker (United Kingdom) Jewelry TV Juwelo
MNC Shop MNC Shop channel 88 O Shopping OCJ Channel 11 OCJ Channel 12
Product Showcase Network QVC2 QVC Japan QVC JP(Japan) QVC US
Shop N Give Tianmeili TV TLTV U-Life ch34 U-Life ch46
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